Sally Fitton

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Sally Fitton

High Risk Specialist -BBC
Sally Fitton is a High Risk Specialist for the BBC High Risk team. She advises and assists BBC staff and contracted freelancers on safety and security. It may be for breaking news, an investigative piece or a natural history documentary or science programme. The BBC High Risk and News Safety team guides the risk management of tasks, are part of the incident management response when it goes wrong, advise on overseas staff threats and also deploy on the ground with teams. She is also involved in the delivery of safety training to overseas bureaux, the maintenance and assessment of safety standards and response to threats against staff. Sally runs the Managing High Risk Deployments course for the BBC. This course is designed to prepare those who authorise tasks or would be the first point of contact in an incident. Sally is a board member at the ACOS Alliance.

  • Friday 27/11
    • 20:30-22:00

      Editors Safety Workshop with ACOS Alliance

      On ARIJ Zoom