Mohaned Hashim

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Mohaned Hashim

Executive Director, Sudan Radio and Television Corporation
Mohaned Hashim is a Sudanese Journalist based in Khartoum, he is currently the Executive Director of Sudan Radio and Television corporation. Mo has also received a number of accolades in recognition of his work since he joined BBC Monitoring in 2008. He reported on the Arab Spring 2010-2011 and led the team to win the BBC News award for their work. He went on to work closely with the BBC newsroom as a UGC producer, helping verify footage from Libya, Iraq and Syria at the height of those global crises. As an Arab Media Analyst, he reported on the emergence of ISIS and their sweeping land grab in Syria and Iraq in 2014, then broke the news of a group of British-Sudanese medics joining IS in 2015. He also secured an exclusive interview for Newsnight with the father of one of the IS’ Jihadist Beatles. In 2015 Mohanad joined the Focus on Africa radio family, where he helped the team win a BBC News award in 2019 and a Webby award this year for his work with Africa Eye.

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