Ivo Burum

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Ivo Burum

Mobile Journalism Expert, La Trobe University, Australia
Ivo Burum is an Australian journalist and award-winning writer, director and television executive producer. A mobile journalism expert, he has more than 30 years experience in fact-based reporting and production, including working on frontline international current affairs shows like Foreign Correspondent and 60 Minutes. A pioneer in self shot TV, Burum holds a Ph.D. in mobile and convergent journalism and is the course coordinator of Media Industries at La Trobe University in Australia. Ivo has trained more than 2000 journalists and hundreds of students to mojo in more than 40 countries. He develops powerful community-based citizen mojo projects and runs Burum Media, a mojo and web TV consultancy. He has published widely, including: 'Mojo-The Mobile Journalism Handbook' and 'Democratising Journalism Through Mobile Media'.

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