Islam Alzeny

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Islam Alzeny

Media Advisor and Trainer
Islam Alzeny is an award-winning social entrepreneur and media advisor who is passionate about launching innovative media projects to address issues that threaten people's lives and are not discussed by the Arab media. In 2017, he founded and managed the Middle East's first climate change media program organized by Climate Tracker, with more than 700 participants who produced nearly 200 stories. He trained the attendees and selected the best three to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 23) which was held in Bonn, Germany. He is also the founder of “A Corruption Free Society”, winner of the best innovative social project to combat corruption in the Middle East and North Africa by Transparency International in 2015, and named as one of the best three projects worldwide. In 2016, the project was named the best social project in the Arab world by the “Youth Initiatives prize”, organized by the Arab Media Forum in Kuwait. Alzeny worked for nine years as a reporter for well-known international print and online media outlets and was on a prestigious 10-person shortlist for the Lorenzo Natali Media Prize in 2015. Over 1400 journalists applied. He has published a dozen or so in-depth stories about human rights that have helped thousands of victims. His piece "Life on Hold" led to the adoption of a unified family law in Bahrain, which regulates matters like marriage, divorce and custody, and the rights of men and women. Before this law, thousand of Shiite women subjected to domestic violence weren’t able to get a divorce. He worked as an economics correspondent at Reuters in 2015 and has lectured at events in Malaysia, Germany, Egypt, Bahrain, Morocco, Tunisia, Kuwait, the UAE, Jordan, Lebanon, France, Turkey, Hungary and Norway. Alzeny is currently working as a Social Media and Outreach Advisor for BBC Media Action, in addition to carrying out investigations independently.

  • Sunday 02/12
    • 17:15-18:15

      Environmental and Climate Change Issues Worth Covering- Hosted by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation

      Mount Nebo 2