Greg Hazel

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Greg Hazel

Chief Architect, NewNode
Greg, chief architect of NewNode, is a software architect with unique experience in decentralization technologies. He previously co-founded Open Garden, where he was the lead developer and chief architect of FireChat, a revolutionary mobile messenger app that functions without an Internet connection by linking nearby phones directly to one another, constructing a dynamic mesh network to pass secure messages. FireChat has been downloaded by over 6 million people and was widely used during the 2014 Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution, after multiple natural disasters, and in many other situations where Internet connectivity has been interrupted. Before Open Garden, Greg was the principal developer of uTorrent and led the implementation of LEDBAT. NewNode brings both of these technologies together and augments them, creating a decentralized, resilient, peer-to-peer, and device-to-device network to deliver content to everyone, anywhere.

  • Sunday 02/12
    • 18:15-19:15

      NewNode: Decentralized Censorship Circumvention- Hosted by NewNode

      Petra 2