Cosette Maalouf

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Cosette Maalouf

Regional Deputy manager, IREX
Cosette Maalouf, born in Lebanon in 1983, is the deputy manager of the SAFE Program at IREX. She provides support in managing the program along with the regional manager, and also provides support to the SAFE team, while following up on the implementation and monitoring and evaluation of all related activities. Within the same program, she is also a master trainer. She trains journalists on Self-care and Psychosocial support, designs the related activities and provides individual support when needed. She was formerly the Regional Mental Health Program Coordinator and a trainer at The Arab Resource Collective (ARC). She managed the regional program of activities while being responsible of their planning and implementation. She also designed and delivered sessions on psychosocial support and mental health. She beholds a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology delivered by Université Saint-Joseph (USJ). At ARC, she was also a supervisor for a study conducted by YALE University in Beirut for 2 years, also participating in the design and data collection of one of ARC’s parenting programme HEPPP (health, education, and protection parenting programme). Cosette Maalouf also worked as an Advocacy and Communication Coordinator at Proud Lebanon, a Lebanese NGO. She was responsible for communication with the media. She organized regional workshops, supports in developing proposals for fundraising using the log frame approach while following up on the implementation of the different activities. As a psychologist, Cosette possesses a large board of technical skills she acquired while providing psychological support to parents, families and journalists, monitoring psychological group support, developing methods for students with special needs and while working in prisons.

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      Dealing with Online Harassment with a holistic safety mindset with SAFE MENA [Private Invitations]

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