Bridget Gallagher

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Bridget Gallagher

Consultant, GIJN
Bridget Gallagher is a GIJN consultant who provides fundraising strategy, implementation assistance and counsel to US and international clients working in media, information access and civic participation. A 15-year veteran of the non-profit sector, Bridget began working with non-profit media projects via the Center for Public Integrity, one of the nation’s oldest non-profit newsrooms. Since launching Gallagher Group LLC in 2010, her clients have included content producers and broadcasters, media trainers and development organizations, think tanks and universities, from startups to established institutions.

  • Friday 30/11
    • 14:00 - 17:00

      The Business Of Journalism: Best Practices For Sustainable Newsrooms- Hosted by GIJN

      Wadi Rum 2