Aya Mhanna

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Aya Mhanna

Clinical Psychologist and Regional program manager- IREX- SAFE
"Aya Mhanna is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, specialized in psychopathology and in group dynamics, focusing mainly on people who experienced traumatic events. Her personal interest in the Human Rights sector and the Freedom of Expression field led her to work as a consultant for many INGOs and media support institutions. Beside her therapy practice, she currently works with IREX on the SAFE program as their MENA Regional Manager, providing support to journalists and human rights defenders by training them on how to keep working safely despite all the physical, digital and psychosocial threats and risks they face.

  • Tuesday 24/11
    • 12:00-15:00

      Dealing with Online Harassment with a holistic safety mindset with SAFE MENA [Private Invitations]

      On ARIJ Zoom
  • Sunday 06/12
    • 19:00-20:00

      Combating Harrasment - Abuse and misuse of power inside the Arab Media Industry

      On ARIJ Forum